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National Plastics & Rubber have been designing and manufacturing quality polyurethane, industrial plastic and rubber products for the global mining, aviation, automotive and construction industry for over 24 years.

Our Goal – To be the best industry provider of polyurethane, rubber and industrial plastic products to the industries we serve.

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Industry Leaders in Design And Manufacture

National Plastic & Rubber specialise in working with polyurethane, foam, rubber and industrial plastics including nylon, polyethylene and PVC to design and manufacture full solutions to your needs including:

  • World class wheel chocks
  • Aerochocks (our exclusive aircraft wheel chocks)
  • Floor Protection Products
  • Dragline components
  • Truck products available for but not limited to Caterpillar, Hitachi and Komatsu
  • Load Rated Stacko Blocks (elevated workshop support system)
  • HoseMate
  • Custom design solutions

For Engineered Safe, Durable and Reliable Rubber And Plastics

Product Design - Industrial Plastic, Rubber and Polyurethane Products Designed, Engineered And Manufactured To Meet Your Needs

Our product design service offers a complete solution for your industrial and commercial plastic and rubber product requirements. 

Key features of our design process:

  • Application study by experienced design experts to ensure we understand your problem/reason for product being designed
  • Range of specialised material available
  • CAD facility to draw and model your design
  • Cost effective tooling for a prototype
  • Economic solutions for manufacturing process
  • Field test as standard (where possible)
  • Product Guarantee: Your product will be made to the same high quality and detailed specifications every time.

If your solution requires an item we don’t produce, we can source it for you at cost effective rates.

For All Your Product Design Needs

Industrial Rubber And Plastic Product Manufacturing

We’re the best in our industry, to help you be the best in yours.


National Plastics & Rubber specialise in mining products and have worked with some of the largest mining companies in Australia and the world providing them with the highest quality polyurethane, plastic and rubber products since 1997.

Our extensive experience in products, material properties and mining processes coupled with our cost effective solutions and improvement suggestions has allowed us to establish long term customer relationships with top mining companies.

Whether you need wheel chocks, underground bumpers , cable crossovers or a product designed and manufactured to your specifications, National Plastics & Rubber can help you find the solution.

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National Plastics & Rubber work with large and small construction companies, providing high quality  solutions on key construction machinery components. 

Using premium grade materials, you get a quality industrial or rubber product that will extend the operational life of your more expensive machinery in a cost effective manner.

We also manufacture and supply Stacko Blocks – a superior alternative to traditional timber blocks, our high quality UV stabilised polyurethane Stacko Blocks are independently load rated, up to 30% lighter than alternatives, interlocking for added safety and resistant to oil and most chemicals.  

The well designed StackoBlock system can be used in many configurations, suiting many different purposes on your construction site. They also come with a range of accessories adding to their multi-purpose use.

For Cost Effective Construction Solutions

Aviation - Aircraft Wheel Chocks (Aerochock™)

Lightweight, rigorously tested, tough and durable, our polyurethane Aerochock aircraft wheel chocks are industry leaders suitable for civil, commercial and military sectors. 

The Aerochock are naturally FOD free, durable, resistant to fuels, oils and chemicals and can be requested with Ice Chocks for use in icy conditions.

For Aircraft Wheel Chocks You Can Rely On

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    World Class Products

    Our mission is to be reliable suppliers of safe, quality and innovative products, including our customised designs. Our lightweight wheel chocks, floor protection products, load rated workshop support systems and bespoke engineered products are amongst the world’s leading innovative safety products.

    Excellent Customer Service

    Successfully building long term relationships with clients around the world is a point of pride for us. We go out of our way to provide consistently excellent customer service.

    Operational Excellence

    All our team members, including outsourced partners are expertly trained and experienced.

    Field Testing

    All our products are extensively researched then field tested before going to market, ensuring quality and dependability.

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