Mining Products

National Plastics and Rubber works with some of the largest mining companies in the world. We have many years of experience in the mining industry and understand the demands of this work environment.

Wheel Chock Products

From the world’s largest mining truck to your family vehicle, National Plastics & Rubber offers a wheel chock for you. Each wheel chock is designed to the highest expectations to meet safety, practicality, durability and affordability requirements.

Design & Manufacturing

Whether you’re looking for polyurethane, rubber or industrial plastics manufacturing, NPR is ready to meet your needs. Our specialists will work with you to design and produce the perfect product while maintaining a competitive cost.

Leaders in the design and manufacture of Polyurethane, Rubber and Industrial Plastic products.

National Plastics & Rubber has the experience and talent necessary to meet your needs. We specialise in polyurethane, rubber and industrial plastics design and manufacturing for the mining, automotive and manufacturing industries.

Products you
can rely on.

National Plastics & Rubber have been manufacturing quality Polyurethane, Industrial Plastic and Rubber products for the global Mining and Construction Industry since 1997.

Wheel Chocks, Safety, Floor Protection and more, you can rely on National Plastics & Rubber to provide products that offer the best in safety, durability and efficiency.

We’re committed

National Plastics & Rubber’s commitment to our customers is to be the Best Industry Provider of polyurethane products to the global marketplace.

World Class Chocks

Our Wheel Chocks are truly world-class. Our lightweight chocks were the first wheel chocks to meet Workplace Health and Safety Standards.

Client Relationships

We take pride in our long-term relationships with clients around the world and strive to provide consistent service excellence.

Field Tested

All our products undergo extensive field testing as proof of our commitment to quality & to ensure customers can depend on NPR products.

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