NEW PRODUCT: workshop chock

July 19, 2022

National Plastics & Rubber have expanded our trusted wheel chock range to include a NEW ergonomically designed workshop wheel chock. Complementing our range of quality tested mining products, this chock is purpose designed for the workshop environment.

What is the function of a wheel chock?

The function of a wheel chock is to prevent unwanted movement of vehicles by stopping wheels from being able to roll and move. Chocks can also be referred to as wheel stoppers, stop blocks, and tyre wedge.

For more information and to answer the question of “do wheel chocks actually work” – read our blog on NPR’s range wheel chocks and how they can benefit your family car or heavy duty mining truck fleet. Check out our range of light vehicle chocks and other vehicle, including 4WD wheel chocks.

At NPR we are also proud to offer a range of aviation wheel chocks. Our AerochockTM’s are lightweight aircraft wheel chocks suited for narrow and wide body aircrafts. View the range here.

INTRODUCING THE WORKSHOP WHEEL CHOCK – the easily-manoeuvrable, lightweight and durable solution

Designed in conjunction with Anglo Dawson, the workshop chock was created in response to an incident they experienced where a traditional wheel chock was installed incorrectly, driven over, and as a result became a projectile.

As these incidents were occurring in a workshop environment, we a designed a chock better suited to these conditions. Standard wheel chocks are made to secure a truck on a 10% gradient on the mine site, however these conditions are not present in a workshop. As such, the features present on our standard truck chocks could be removed from the workshop chock.

Featuring a handle and wheels, the workshop chock also eliminates numerous WHS risks – including back strain caused by repeat bending and chocking, as well as removing the need to go under the footprint of the truck.

As the workshop chock is not designed to suit extreme gradients, one size chock will suit all trucks – no need to purchase numerous sizes. One workshop chock will can be used all mining trucks, including CAT dump trucks, Komatsu miming trucks to even the biggest mining truck!

When should you chock the wheels?

NPR’s workshop wheel chock can be used in any workshop operations requiring the truck to be secured. During maintenance, for example, it is important to ensure large mining trucks do not have the ability to roll and move.

Do I need to chock both sides of the wheel?

Yes. Both sides of the tyre should be chocked with workshop wheel chocks. This will ensure the truck cannot roll either way.

Where should a wheel chock be placed?

Using the handles and wheels, manoeuvre the chock into position, this should be flush against the tyre with the handle against the sidewall. Watch our instructional video for more information.

National Plastics & Rubber’s workshop wheel chock for trucks is the ultimate wheel stopper for the workshop environment – preventing projectile chocks and ergonomically designed – a winner!

For more information or a quote get in contact with us – click here.

Aviation wheel chocks – ramp safety vs. fast turnaround time

July 18, 2022

Ramp safety vs. fast turnaround of aircrafts – the big debate

The demand for a fast turnaround of aircrafts is ever-growing. Airlines, airports, as well as providers of ground and airport handling services are always on the search for new ideas on how to decrease aircraft turnaround times. With travel returning to pre-pandemic levels and airports experiencing growing congestion, the desire to have a plane turned around and ready to take off again is at the forefront of every airline – but where are the safety considerations? Should the safety of ground operations crew be compromised to achieve an efficient turnaround? Can a balance be struck with these competing demands – is a safety-oriented speedy-turnaround actually possible?

Read on to discover how Aerochock™ lightweight aviation wheel chocks have an important role to play in ramp safety and improving aircraft turnaround.

What is aircraft turnaround?

Airplane turnaround is the process of getting an aircraft ready for its next flight. Turnaround time is calculated from the aircrafts arrival at an airport to its next departure.

Aircraft turnaround operations consist of a range of activities and personnel including:

  • Ground handlers
  • Fuellers
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Airline staff
  • Engineers
  • Airport security
  • Fire personnel

While aviation ramp procedures often strive to ensure these personnel work harmoniously together, in reality the complexity of ramp operations completed by numerous staff poses many safety concerns.

Why is aircraft turnaround time important?

While an aircraft is stationary at an airport, it is unable to generate revenue for the airline. In fact, the airline is likely to incur more costs as a result of a grounded aircraft; airport fees, leasing fees, and the cost of a flight ticket had the plane been able to fly at that time.

Having an accurate and efficient aircraft turnaround time, also referred to as TAT, is important as it assists in the scheduling of flights, reliability of the airline, and ensuring to no flight delays.

How can you improve the turnaround time of an aircraft?

As there are many factors influencing an airplane turnaround time, it is difficult to improve everything at once to lead to a shorter time.

One simple thing you can do, is use Aerochock™ – superior lightweight aviation wheel chocks – to secure the aircraft and prevent unwanted movement during aviation turnaround operations.

Improving airline turnaround strategies to allow for shorter flight turnaround times may allow an airline to offer another flight in a day, generating additional revenue.

What is ramp safety?

Ramp safety in aviation involves minimising workplace health & safety risks and hazards that present during ramp operations.

The Flight Safety Foundation estimates that 27,000 incidents occur globally each year on the ramp, resulting in 243,000 personal injuries and costing airlines up to $10 billion in damages.

These incidents are attributed to the complexity of ramp operations and:

  • Human error
  • Training deficits
  • Ramp congestion
  • Inadequate equipment maintenance

Where there are approximately 9 injuries per 1000 departures, it is evident that airlines should seek a balance between safety and a fast turnaround. While they may experience a financial loss with a stationary aircraft, the costs associated with unsafe operations can be detrimental to both the airline and staff.

How can I improve my ramp safety?

Ramp safety awareness and speedy-turnaround desires both have the potential to balance each other out if they are given equal consideration in ground operation procedures. One simple thing can be done to achieve this: use Aerochock aircraft wheel chocks.

Aerochock™ can safely improve your aircraft turnaround time

Aerochock™s are designed to prevent the unwanted movement of narrow and wide body aircrafts during ramp and turnaround operations. These chocks keep safety at the forefront while still focusing on efficient turnaround times:

  • Lightweight design – up to 30% lighter than comparable chocks
  • Minimise workplace injuries and employee fatigue with lifting our lightweight chocks
  • FOD free – no nuts or bolts that can break free
  • Resistant to chemicals, fuels and oils
  • UV protected

Click here for more information.

For more information or a quote contact Mitch on or give him a call on 0415 360 005.


June 30, 2022

Are you going to the Queensland Mining & Engineering Exhibition (QME)?

Returning to the Mackay Showgrounds from 19 to 21 July, QME will be the ultimate showcase of supplier innovation and excellence and will illustrate the world class capabilities of Mackay and the broader Central Queensland region.

QME will feature over 230 suppliers and host a free-to-attend seminar series, live demonstrations, and topical presentations. QME promises to be the ultimate destination for the mining industry.

Visit National Plastics & Rubber at stand B128

NPR is proud to be one of the most reputable suppliers of polyurethane, rubber and industrial plastic products within the international mining community. Read about our success.

At QME we will showcase our innovative products leading the way for safety and productivity in the mining industry. Including HoseMateTM, StackoTM Blocks, and our new ergonomically designed workshop chock. Set a new standard for safety in your workplace with our range of floor protection products, world class wheel chocks, and load-rated solutions.

Can’t see a product you need? Ask us about our product design capabilities and how our team can provide you with an inventive solution.

With interactive displays, giveaways, and our knowledgeable staff here to help – we look forward to seeing you at stand B128!


The NPR story

June 8, 2022

From humble beginnings to International success – discover the story of this innovative company who became one of the most reputable suppliers of polyurethane, industrial plastic and rubber products within the international mining community.

The ‘brainchild’ of two opportunistic young men

The story begins in the early 1990s when Director, Peter Tulley, and former director, Bruce Spencer, began working together  in Brisbane . Peter and Bruce enjoyed working together and held the same passion for innovation and customer service. After their employer went through a major restructure they identified a small gap in the market that was left unattended – the polyurethane products for large mobile equipment. Read more about the benefits of polyurethane in our what is polyurethane blog.

The then “young men”  took a leap of faith to start National Plastics & Rubber in 1997.

The pressure was high as both men had young children, house mortgages, and had to leave their secure jobs.  Little did they know this small idea would grow into something greater than they ever could have anticipated.

Neither Peter or Bruce had previous experience starting a business, but they knew what they wanted to do and what they wanted to accomplish, so after enlisting the help of family and friends, a business plan was drafted.

The early years

In September 1997 they rented a 360 square metre shed to become the NPR headquarters.

In the early years, it was a family run business – everyone was involved.. Peter and Bruce remained dedicated to the success of their business and were pouring polyurethane and making parts – back when khaki was considered suitable factory HI-VIS!

Numerous family members assisted in the accounting and day-to-day operations of running of the business. It wasn’t long until they hired their first ever production employee in 1998 – who stayed for almost 10 years! Their commitment is attributed to NPRs supportive family work culture, which remains present today.

NPR milestones;

1997 –  October 1st open for business

1998 – we employ our first full time production employee

1999 – first automated polyurethane dispensing machine was purchased

2001 – moved to larger premises to accommodate growth

2001 – development of the “Lightweight” wheel chock range completed and released to market

2003 – Automated foam production to meet demand for our Lightweight wheel chocks

2005 – Expanded to new facility – 2,000 square mtr of production and office

2007 – First major export business to Chile

2010 – Attended first international Mining exhibition and established South African Distributor

2015 – The certified load bearing Stacko™ Blocks were launched

2017 – Our range of aircraft chocks were launched – Aerochock™

2019HoseMate™ the hydraulic hose positioning system was developed and released to market

2022 – Set new record for annual turnover


Today, their Brisbane based production facility is full of the state of the art machinery and custom made equipment to ensure our range of world class products are made to the highest quality to meet the demands of the aggressive mining and industrial environments where they are used.

The future ahead

While many things have changed over the 25 years in business, NPR has never lost sight of their core values. We continually strive to provide excellent customer service and a friendly, team oriented, working environment – holding onto the enthusiastic and dedication demonstrated by Peter and Bruce in the early years.

We are committed to our customers and strive to become the best industry provider of polyurethane products in the global marketplace – quality, reliability and safety remain at forefront of everything we do.

View our capabilities and contact us today to discuss how we can provide you with polyurethane, rubber and industrial plastic product solutions.

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