June 30, 2022

Are you going to the Queensland Mining & Engineering Exhibition (QME)?

Returning to the Mackay Showgrounds from 19 to 21 July, QME will be the ultimate showcase of supplier innovation and excellence and will illustrate the world class capabilities of Mackay and the broader Central Queensland region.

QME will feature over 230 suppliers and host a free-to-attend seminar series, live demonstrations, and topical presentations. QME promises to be the ultimate destination for the mining industry.

Visit National Plastics & Rubber at stand B128

NPR is proud to be one of the most reputable suppliers of polyurethane, rubber and industrial plastic products within the international mining community. Read about our success.

At QME we will showcase our innovative products leading the way for safety and productivity in the mining industry. Including HoseMateTM, StackoTM Blocks, and our new ergonomically designed workshop chock. Set a new standard for safety in your workplace with our range of floor protection products, world class wheel chocks, and load-rated solutions.

Can’t see a product you need? Ask us about our product design capabilities and how our team can provide you with an inventive solution.

With interactive displays, giveaways, and our knowledgeable staff here to help – we look forward to seeing you at stand B128!


The NPR story

June 8, 2022

From humble beginnings to International success – discover the story of this innovative company who became one of the most reputable suppliers of polyurethane, industrial plastic and rubber products within the international mining community.

The ‘brainchild’ of two opportunistic young men

The story begins in the early 1990s when Director, Peter Tulley, and former director, Bruce Spencer, began working together  in Brisbane . Peter and Bruce enjoyed working together and held the same passion for innovation and customer service. After their employer went through a major restructure they identified a small gap in the market that was left unattended – the polyurethane products for large mobile equipment. Read more about the benefits of polyurethane in our what is polyurethane blog.

The then “young men”  took a leap of faith to start National Plastics & Rubber in 1997.

The pressure was high as both men had young children, house mortgages, and had to leave their secure jobs.  Little did they know this small idea would grow into something greater than they ever could have anticipated.

Neither Peter or Bruce had previous experience starting a business, but they knew what they wanted to do and what they wanted to accomplish, so after enlisting the help of family and friends, a business plan was drafted.

The early years

In September 1997 they rented a 360 square metre shed to become the NPR headquarters.

In the early years, it was a family run business – everyone was involved.. Peter and Bruce remained dedicated to the success of their business and were pouring polyurethane and making parts – back when khaki was considered suitable factory HI-VIS!

Numerous family members assisted in the accounting and day-to-day operations of running of the business. It wasn’t long until they hired their first ever production employee in 1998 – who stayed for almost 10 years! Their commitment is attributed to NPRs supportive family work culture, which remains present today.

NPR milestones;

1997 –  October 1st open for business

1998 – we employ our first full time production employee

1999 – first automated polyurethane dispensing machine was purchased

2001 – moved to larger premises to accommodate growth

2001 – development of the “Lightweight” wheel chock range completed and released to market

2003 – Automated foam production to meet demand for our Lightweight wheel chocks

2005 – Expanded to new facility – 2,000 square mtr of production and office

2007 – First major export business to Chile

2010 – Attended first international Mining exhibition and established South African Distributor

2015 – The certified load bearing Stacko™ Blocks were launched

2017 – Our range of aircraft chocks were launched – Aerochock™

2019HoseMate™ the hydraulic hose positioning system was developed and released to market

2022 – Set new record for annual turnover


Today, their Brisbane based production facility is full of the state of the art machinery and custom made equipment to ensure our range of world class products are made to the highest quality to meet the demands of the aggressive mining and industrial environments where they are used.

The future ahead

While many things have changed over the 25 years in business, NPR has never lost sight of their core values. We continually strive to provide excellent customer service and a friendly, team oriented, working environment – holding onto the enthusiastic and dedication demonstrated by Peter and Bruce in the early years.

We are committed to our customers and strive to become the best industry provider of polyurethane products in the global marketplace – quality, reliability and safety remain at forefront of everything we do.

View our capabilities and contact us today to discuss how we can provide you with polyurethane, rubber and industrial plastic product solutions.

Machine Identification Numbers

June 6, 2022

National Plastics & Rubber has a range of vehicle identification products to ensure your machines remain visible in all conditions. We supply a range of machine numbers to suit any budget and site requirements. Our products suit tucks, dozers, and other earthmoving equipment required in the mining and construction industries.

Hanging machine identification numbers

Hanging machine ID numbers is the simple solution to fleet signage. Our vehicle ID plates are made from heavy duty durable polyurethane with a smooth finish to eliminate hang ups.

Available in blue or yellow, and fitting up to 3 numbers or letters, this call sign ID signage is a must have for every site looking to identify their machines on a budget.

For more information view this product here.

Hanging machine ID - fleet identification signs

Rooftop machine identification numbers

NPR’s rooftop machine identification numbers are the perfect solution to display your HI Vis call number. These triangular boxes clearly show your truck or dozer ID using reflective digits on a black background.

Numerous options available to suit your equipment specifications – 2 different sizes, with or without mounting frame, and numbers or letters (or a combination of both!).

These boxes can also be manufactured to BMA site specific requirements – contact us to discuss this option.

NevafailTM LED ID Panel

At National Plastics & Rubber we specialise in mining vehicle identification numbers, and constantly develop products that are purposely designed to meet mining spec requirements.

Specifically made for low visibility conditions, underground, or wear dust and soil is constantly turned up, NevafailTM machine LED ID ensures your machine numbers will always remain visible. Featuring a fail-safe reflective panel, NevafailTM will quite literally never fail displaying machine numbers – even if the LED light fails.

These LED vehicle identification numbers are lightweight, as well as, impact, water, dust, and oil resistant.

NevafailTM machine identification numbers are customisable to suit every application. When purchasing NevafailTM you have the following options:

>> Triangular OR Flat panel

>> 12v OR 24v

>> Magnetic OR Bolt On

>> Interchangeable OR Customisable

LED Machine Identification panel | Dozer and truck identification

Contact NPR today to discuss how we can meet your fleet identification signage requirements. Our range of fleet signs is sure to satisfy —. If we don’t have a solution that you require currently available, we can design and manufacture a custom product for you. View our capabilities and get in touch with our staff to discuss product design Australia.

Check our range of mine vehicle safety equipment, including our world class mine spec wheel chocks.

P&H 9020 dragline

Dragline audits Australia

March 28, 2022

What is a dragline?

A dragline is a piece of heavy machinery commonly used on mining, civil, or earthmoving sites. Typically, attached to the front of dragline is long boom from which a cable and bucket are hanging from. The bucket is swung and dropped a considerable distance from the machine, and is filled with overburden as it is retracted.

What does a dragline do?

Draglines can have many purposes. Commonly, drag line operations are used to remove overburden from mines, dismantle and transport materials.

Where are draglines used?

Dragline excavators are used in surface mining and coal mining, however some may be used on large civil engineering sites, such as road or port constructions, to move overburden and other materials.

Marion 8050 - large dragine - drag line - dragline excavator

What is a dragline operator?

A dragline operator controls the dragline by managing the levers that manoeuvre the machine and bucket– this includes lowering the bucket, dragging it along to bit up the materials, and emptying it.

Working on or near draglines can be a dangerous job. In fact, in November 2021 a Queensland man died while performing cable relocation work.

How many draglines are there in Australia?

Draglines have gained popularity within the mining industry over the past 20 years as the preferred method to remove overburden. While it is difficult to quantify exactly how many drag lines are in Australia, it is estimated there are over 70 are in operation at coal mine sites.

At NPR, our sales team travels nationally across Australia performing dragline inspections. During a dragline audit, our team will examine the drag line and determine which of our mining dragline parts and products can improve its service life, and increase the productivity of dragline operations at your site.

Dragline audits

National Plastics & Rubber offer an opportunity to have your drag line audited. Our knowledgeable sales team will come on site to perform a dragline inspection and identify where our products can improve your draglines.

Whether you’ve got small draglines, old draglines or the world’s largest dragline – NPR’s site audits, and associated products, can help extend its service life.

We understand that the price of a drag line can be an expensive cost – that is why we strive to provide the highest quality aftermarket products to ensure its longevity.

Our dragline products protect the machine from the bucket and ground engagement tools, all the way to shoe alignment.

Browse our wide range of polyurethane shovel and dragline products, including wear pads, impact pads, and rollers. Polyurethane is durable material designed to withstand tough conditions, such as those found on mining sites. Read more about the benefits of polyurethane in our what is polyurethane blog.

boom lacing protector - dragline products

Contact us today to organise a dragline audit or inquire about one of our dragline products.

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