Stacko™ Blocks

The StackoTM Blocks have been developed from the ground up as a superior alternative to traditional timber blocks. Manufactured from high quality materials, will ensure the StackoTM Blocks will perform to expectations for the long term.

StackoTM Blocks are much safer to use compared to traditional products due to the following unique features;

  • Load rated with a nominated safety factor
  • Engineer certified
  • Independently tested at the Centre for Engineered Fibre Composites
  • Interlocking design ensuring correct stacking and stability
  • Multiple configurations to suit many applications
  • The Registered Design is up to 30% lighter than other products
  • Non-absorbent and resistant to oils & a range of chemicals
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The following are suggested configurations with nominated load ratings and typical uses. Click on each configuration for more information, Load Calculator and Assembly Instructions.