Aerochock™ 30

Aviation Wheel Chock - NPR05228-00

National Plastics & Rubber’s AeroChock™ is a FOD free, cost effective, durable, safer and long lasting option for chocking your aircraft.

Aerochock™ 30 suits (but not limited to) medium size commercial aircraft such as the A320, B737, CS300. Large commercial aircraft such as the B747, B767, B787, A330, A350 & A380. Large military aircraft such as the C130, c17, A330 MRTT & KC-390.

Protect your asset! Aircraft safety starts from the ground up.

L540mm x W225mm x D165mm
6.3kg (14lb)

English Brochure

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AeroChocks™ are manufactured using the same technology & material that we use to make our highly successful world class vehicle wheel chocks. National Plastics & Rubber’s Aviation wheel chock is suitable for use on a wide range of aircraft as well as GSE.

  • Civil Aviation
  • Commercial Aviation
  • Military Aircraft operations
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