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Products for Mining Industry

Mining is the backbone of many economies around the globe. From light utility vehicles to the largest of draglines, the needs of individual mining sites are varied. National Plastics & Rubber is proud to be a leader in the design, manufacture and supply of quality products which assist in the reduction of operating costs and improvement of site safety.

We have an extensive range of purpose built products for most major mining equipment and machines. These products have been developed to solve problems, generally make life easier for the maintenance crews, and to reduce the operating costs of the machines.

By working closely with equipment manufacturers, OEM’s, mining companies and associated contractors, we have developed a range of products that assists users in meeting their goals and keeping equipment operational for longer.

Wheel Chocks/Stop Blocks

Site safety is a key issue on mining and construction sites and having your vehicle parked securely is of great importance. The risk of injury or death of personnel or damage to expensive equipment is one that should not be taken lightly. Fatalities have occurred around the world when vehicles were not chocked correctly or substandard products were used. With the best interest of our end users in mind, National Plastics & Rubber has designed, what is arguably the best range of mining/construction vehicle wheel chocks and stop blocks on the market.

Utilising only the best materials, we manufacture wheel chocks that will stand up to the toughest environments. From the freezing cold in the arctic tundra, to the blazing heat of Sub-Saharan Africa and the Pilbara, our wheel chocks are out there keeping people and vehicles safe from harm. Our wheel chock range covers almost every size tyre, from passenger vehicles to the world’s largest mining trucks. Every chock has been designed with safety as the first priority and fully tested in the field to ensure they perform as expected and beyond.

Designed with an added safety feature not seen on any other brand as well as being extensively tested under normal operating conditions, it’s no wonder some of the world’s largest mining companies choose to have National Plastics & Rubber wheel chocks on their vehicles.


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