Timba™ Blocks

March 18, 2015

National Plastics & Rubber in conjunction with our customers have developed the Timba™ Block.


As the price of hardwood and other timbers are constantly increasing and becoming more difficult to source our customers have been looking for an alternative.

Unlike natural timber which varies from piece to piece NPR’s Timba™ is manufactured and tested to a constant standard.

Our Timba™ Blocks were developed to be a reusable, lighter, safer, and a longer lasting alternative to conventional hardwood which will not splinter or warp like timber.

This product is impervious to rot, termites and will not absorb fuels, oils and some chemicals, which assists with the problems associated with disposal,

We have made Timba™ water resistant so it can be used in the marine and transport industry as well as on mine sites and many other work places,